About Chasing Scarlet

Chasing Scarlet is an episodic coming-of-age, semi-autobiographical teen comedy-drama e-book written by Reuben Pio G. Martinez, and illustrations by a revolving door of artists. Each sketching their interpretations of the characters. Through the imaginative eyes of their English teacher, the stories explore the rivalry between two students, James Wheelan of the “Humanities and Social Studies […]

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Local Resident Survives Stabbing

STA. ROSA, LAGUNA – Last night, a man survived a stabbing incident by an unknown assailant. The date was November 20, 2017. Graphic artist Ryan Termoso, 21, was returning home from a meeting with a client. At 10:22 pm., Termoso, dropped-off by a friend, walked home through a dark alley. While on the phone, Termoso […]

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The Message

For a moment, James decided not to linger on the past for now, and while fixing some of the materials in a supply closet of the school, he instead recalled watching a movie one time in class. His head becomes filled with the pleasant and gentle notes of the film’s soundtrack, much to the curiosity […]

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The Curse (WEEK II – PT. III)

To my surprise, James knew about what happened as the night continued. James was always interested in hearing what was occurring within the lives of the people that he was closely associated with, but perhaps, something made him unaware of what truly was happening in the life of one that is Jane Carter. As he […]

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The Pirates (WEEK II – PT. II)

James and Lee live in a world that enforces one specific and unfair commandment, and that is to never steal from anyone, from all walks of life. It is one value that is anything but foolproof. James then took me to the Friday of that week. Nighttime. Starless sky above his past self. Thirty minutes […]

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The Family (WEEK II – PT. I)

The second day of his detention. May 2, 2017. Another day in the warmest season of the year. I walked once more, miniature art book by my possession, firmly grasped by my right hand, towards the school that I have worked for for the last decade. I walked to my small faculty cubicle, drowsy from […]

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The Rival (WEEK I – PT. III)

And in just a few flips through a few pages, thus became the beginning of the end for James Wheelan, my student for the past two years already. He did not need to explain further on what had happened as they marched on to the other tests, with him admitting that the very reason why […]

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The Review (WEEK I – PT. II)

Before they engaged in studying, in their not-at-all formal attires, they needed a way to relive themselves of some stress, which broke their concentration every now and then. Cassie fortunately offers an unorthodox solution to their conundrum. With a family recipe that was only made recently by her gardener father, Jackson Yates, which is a […]

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The Diagnostics (WEEK I – PT. I)

I am Miriam Francine D. Gallagher, and I have a story to tell. His name is Jamison Callum F. Wheelan, a puberty-stricken, sixteen year old junior high school student, who goes by the nickname of “James”, and this was the beginning of his end. His story begins in the large metropolitan city of Crossmore. Admittedly, […]

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